How is The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System Different From Other Infrared Panels?

   In the quest for efficient and comfortable home heating solutions, the emergence of infrared technology has ushered in a new era of innovation. Infrared home heating solutions usually come in the form of standalone panels that come in a wide range of dimensions and are usually mounted either on the surface of the ceiling or wall are directly connected to the electrical supply.

   These panels generate their heat through resistive heating whereby electricity flows through a resistive element, usually a resistive wire, thereby generating heat. This heat then heats up the panels surface which in turn radiates heat down onto the surrounding surfaces creating a warm and comfortable heating effect quickly and efficiently! However, an alternative option is The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System which is the first plug and play infrared ceiling heating system designed to be incorporated directly into suspended ceilings creating an efficient, comfortable, and invisible heat! But what really sets The PowerBoard System apart from other infrared panels?


Full Surface Heating VS Resistive Wires: Precision and Efficiency


The foundation of PowerBoard’s prowess lies in its use of LaminaHeat’s Carbon Fibre Full Surface Heating Films. Unlike conventional radiant panels that utilize resistive wires, PowerBoard’s advanced technology ensures even heat distribution across surfaces. This reduces wasted energy due to unnecessary heat movement through the backside of the panel. This translates to unparalleled efficiency, as resistive wire panels often lead to uneven heating patterns, temperature hot zones, and ultimately wasted energy. In general we’ve found that The PowerBoard Infrared Ceiling Heating system consumes at least 25% less energy than standard radiative panels when used in the same conditions, making it an intelligent choice for energy-conscious consumers. (If you’d like to see the test we conducted to ascertain this value please feel free to reach out!)

 The PowerBoard Infrared Ceiling Heating System Integrates Seamlessly Into Ceilings!

The PowerBoard Infrared Ceiling system doesn’t just excel in function; it’s designed to seamlessly integrate into architectural spaces. The system is designed to replace standard gypsum panels in suspended ceilings, offering a discreet and sophisticated heating solution. Once installed, just like a normal gypsum panel PowerBoard’s are effortlessly plastered or painted over, with no risk of unsightly cracks. On the other hand, standard radiative panels are often conspicuous units that need to be affixed to the surface of a room, potentially disrupting the visual harmony of a space, with their dangling wires and clear cut corners.

 Certification: Elevated Safety Standards

Safety is paramount when it comes to home heating solutions, and this is where PowerBoard’s commitment to excellence shines. PowerBoard boasts BEAB IEC-60335 certification, a testament to its adherence to the highest safety standards. In contrast, many standard panels are merely CE certified, underscoring the rigorous testing and validation that The PowerBoard Infrared Ceiling Heating System undergoes to ensure a secure and reliable heating experience for all our customers.


 Surface Temperature: Comfortable Warmth

The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System has mastered the art of achieving the perfect balance between warmth and comfort. Engineered according to ASHRAE 55 standards to reach a surface temperature of 55°C, it radiates heat that is pleasantly soothing without ever becoming oppressively hot. This meticulous design ensures an optimal and cozy environment for inhabitants. In stark contrast, standard infrared heater panels often reach surface temperatures ranging from 90°C to 110°C, resulting in temperature asymmetries and a very clear sensation of having a “hot head”.

 Even Distribution Maximizes Heating Effect

The PowerBoard Infrared Ceiling Heating System is designed in such a way to allow for a couple of heaters to be distributed throughout a room to create an even heating effect. This stands in contrast with standard infrared panel heaters which usually are designed in such a way to have one per room/space often leading to stark temperature differences between zones increasing discomfort and driving up energy consumption!

The Verdict

In summary, the differences between The PowerBoard wall or ceiling infrared heating system and standard home use infrared panels are not merely technicalities but transformative advantages that impact energy efficiency, aesthetics, safety, and comfort. The PowerBoard system’s innovative full surface heating films, seamless integration, elevated safety standards, and calibrated surface temperature collectively make it a superior choice for modern homes. As we look towards a future of efficient, eco-friendly, and comfortable living, The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System stands as an innovative option, revolutionizing the way we experience warmth in our spaces.


If you have any questions regarding the system feel free to reach out and one of our PowerBoard Experts will be sure to get in touch with you. Or feel free to watch the short animated video below introducing The PowerBoard Infrared Ceiling Heating System!