With the new 220-240V series UL listed ComfortFilm-EGS and PowerMelt-EGS, LaminaHeat offers a unique heating solution that meets the most demanding product requirements for a variety of markets. After intensive development we have created the following “Big 5” Features.

Flame Resistance

Most on the market heating solutions currently suffer from a major Achilles Heel, their bad fire rating. With the EGS series, LaminaHeat has succeeded in developing a product that is setting new standards. A proprietary coating stops the flame from propagating and at the same time meets the most stringent Fire/Smoke/Toxicity requirements. A major breakthrough in fire avoidance! Check out the video above of a comparative test between our new EGS Series and a common printed PET heating film.

100 % Grounding Surface

The outer layer of our EGS Series heater features a full surface electrical grounding layer. It is typically an aluminum foil permanently bonded onto the glass fabric layer. A metal crimp or clamp can be easily connected to the metal surface and wired to the grounding wire of the main supply cable. The 100 % surface grounding guarantees that any major heater damage resulting from an electrical surcharge will trigger the safety GFCI. In February of 2020 UL made public the new UL2683 Standard, requiring that all floor or surface heaters must have at least 75 % of their heating surface covered with a grounding layer. ComfortFilm EGS is currently the only solution offering 100 % surface protection, making it the safest on the market option.

Water Immersion

 Water leakages are a common building hazard. Thus it is vital that all electrical elements installed are protected or have fail safes built into them in the event of encountering water. LaminaHeat has developed and uses a water barrier test in which the heating films are submerged under 1 bar of water pressure and the integrity of the system is measured. Additionally, in order to ensure watertight cable/heater connections LaminaHeat is using a proprietary liquid rubber matrix minimizing the risk of water induced failures/damages.

High Structural Integrity

Construction sites can be hectic and chaotic places; people walking over the heater film to be installed or accidently running over it are very real possibilities. However, LaminaHeat’s ComfortFilm is covered with a robust Glass Fiber Fabric making it resistant to a high level of wear & tear, minimizing any risk of the film suffering from mechanical damage.

HIPOT Test IEC-60355 Compliant:

 Our film is High-Pot test compliant meaning that in the event of an electrical surge of up to 1500v, our film will retain functionality, meaning there is no risk of needing to engage in long term repairs after a storm.