Welcome to the world of cutting-edge Infrared Home Heating, a game-changer in today’s industry. Powerboard is the most comfortable, energy-efficient, and easiest to install plug and play far-infrared ceiling heating system on the market is now ours!

Easily integrated into residential or commercial suspended ceilings.
This innovation not only adds convenience to our customers’ lives but also helps businesses control their energy consumption.

Saving you time on your installation, lowering your energy bills, and guaranteeing you a warm comfortable space when you need it!

Why Choose The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System For Your Home?

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Why Chose The PowerBoard Infrared System for your Home?

Unparalleled Comfort with Infrared Heating: The PowerBoard Infrared System goes beyond traditional heating methods. Harnessing infrared heating technology, it creates a comfortable environment by directly warming surfaces and objects, akin to the gentle warmth of sunlight. Say goodbye to cold spots, dry air, and uncomfortable drafts and hello to a consistent, enveloping warmth throughout your home.

Cost-Effective Installation: When considering green heating solutions, upfront costs matter. The PowerBoard system stands out by offering a fraction of the installation costs compared to heat pumps and other eco-friendly alternatives. It is a true testament to our innovation and commitment to deliver convenience to our customers without breaking the bank.

Energy Efficiency at its Core: Well-designed infrared heating systems, like PowerBoard, lead the way in energy efficiency. Our mission as a company is not only to uphold businesses’ responsibility to the environment but also to provide useful, reliable information to customers about intelligent energy use. Experience warmth without the unnecessary energy consumption.

Reliability with a 10-Year Full Warranty: Investing in The PowerBoard Infrared System comes with peace of mind. With a 10-year full warranty, you secure a reliable and efficient heating solution. PowerBoard’s commitment extends beyond just warmth; it’s a promise of durability and performance for the long haul.

The PowerBoard Infrared System is your gateway to a more comfortable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient heating solution. Embrace the future of home heating and enjoy the benefits of infrared technology with the added assurance of a 10-year full warranty and our promise to deliver an unparalleled heating experience!


Installation With Four Simple Steps

Hang the PowerBoard on the suspended ceiling profiles

After checking your list of necessary tools, screw the PowerBoard in place.

Connect the Plug-and-Play cable tree system, making sure everything is in order.

Apply plaster/paint on the surface of PowerBoard (same as standard ceiling gypsum board)

30% Lower Energy Bill Than UFH or Air Source Heat pumps.
This is a huge drawcard for those looking to make the environmentally friendly switch without the steep price tag!

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Extremely Efficient

30% Lower Energy Bill Than UFH or Air Source Heat pumps

Extremely Efficient

We are committed to giving unmatched comfort to our valued clients, linked with consistent high-quality post-sales service.

Zero Maintanence

10 Year Warranty

Plug & Play Installation

Installation as quick as 12min/Board, signifying our commitment to convenience for businesses and people alike. Moreover, these types of speedy processes can result in savings on installation costs.

10 Minute Heat-Up Time

Ideal For Zoned Heating

Low Upfront Investment

1/2 The Cost Of ASHP

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“During testing I was very pleased with the warmth generated by the PowerBoards and am
now looking forward to the winter so that I can take full advantage of this lovely heat source.’’
L. Priestland

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FAQS About PowerBoard

All Questions Answered

PowerBoard Infrared System excels in energy efficiency by heating objects rather than wasting energy on heating the air. It can achieve a minimum of 30% energy savings compared to forced air heating systems, providing warmth without unnecessary energy consumption.

The installation of the PowerBoard Infrared System involves four simple steps. By following these steps, you can ensure you’ll be enjoying the exceptional warmth and comfort of the PowerBoard System in no time at all.

Thanks to the ease of installation, relative simplicity of the system, and high energy efficiency The PowerBoard Infrared System costs a fraction of more complex systems such as Air Source Heat Pumps! Feel free to get a free quote using our online calculator to see what it could cost you!

The PowerBoard system offers a cost-effective installation solution. It significantly reduces upfront installation costs when compared to alternatives like heat pumps. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a green heating system without a substantial financial burden.

We also have other great options such as ComfortScrim PowerMelt

Thanks to being installed mere mm from the surface of the room, heating primarily through infrared heating, and being designed to maximize heat being generated into the room. PowerBoard can easily save you at least 20-30% on your energy bill. However, this will always be dependent on a case by case basis and we reccomend you take a look at our in detailed energy consumption document to better understand what you may be getting.

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