Infrared Home Heating



The most energy efficient and easiest to install plug and play far-infrared ceiling heating system on the market! Easily integrated into residential or commerical suspended ceilings. Saving you time on your installation and lowering your energy bills!

Why Choose The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System For Your Home?


Installation With Four Simple Steps

Hang the PowerBoard on the suspended ceiling profiles 

Screw PowerBoard in place

Connect the Plug-and-Play cable tree system 

Apply plaster/paint on the surface of PowerBoard (same as standard ceiling gypsum board)


Extremely Efficient

30% Lower Energy Bill Than UFH or Air Source Heat pumps

Infrared Heating

Unmatched Comfort

Zero Maintanence

10 Year Warranty

Plug & Play Installation

12min/Board Install Time

10 Minute Heat-Up Time

Ideal For Zoned Heating

Low Upfront Investment

1/2 The Cost Of ASHP


“During testing I was very pleased with the warmth generated by the PowerBoards and am
now looking forward to the winter so that I can take full advantage of this lovely heat source.’’
L. Priestland

PowerBoards In Use

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