Full Surface Electrical Infrared Heating Films

We Provide the Safest and Most Efficient Electrical Carbon Fiber Heating Films for Applications in Buildings, Automotive, De-icing, and Wearables!




Low Voltage Infrared Wall, Ceiling, and Floor.
Harnessing the power of innovative infrared central heating technology to provide efficient and comforting warmth. 


Experience unparalleled comfort with advanced infrared heating, eliminating cold spots and drafts. With a focus on energy efficiency, PowerBoard provides warmth without excess energy use. Backed by a 10-year full warranty, trust in long-term reliability and peace of mind. Embrace the future of heating, where comfort, affordability, and efficiency combine for an unmatched experience.


Energy Efficient Full Surface De-Icing Solution


Where innovation meets comfort seamlessly. Our revolutionary heating film, crafted with proprietary materials and featuring a patented diamond design, sets a new standard in flexibility. Engineered to be as flexible as textiles, ComfortFlex offers unparalleled elasticity, making it the top choice for various applications.


The Capabilities Of Our Electrical Infrared Heating Films

High Energy Efficiency

99.7% Electricity to Heat Conversion

Wide Voltage Range

5VAC/DC to 680VAC/DC

Large Wattage Range


Variable Widths


Full Surface Heating

25-33% More Efficient Than Wire/Tube Systems

Unparalleled Safety

UL/InterTek Certified

20+ Year Life Span

3rd Party Tested

Environmentally Friendly

Fully Electric/Low Embodied Carbon

Infrared Heating

6-15um Safe Far-Infrared Heating

Solar Compatability

Easily Incorporated with PV Systems with or without Inverter


Is Infrared Heating safe?

Our heating elements radiate in the 6-15 um Far Infrared C Spectrum wherein the waves are unable to pierce human skin unlike more intensive waves such as UV rays or X-Rays. So don’t worry they’re completely safe! What’s more our heating elements are the only full surface heating elements that are BEAB IEC-60335-1 and UL-certified making them the safest option on the market!

How long does it take to heat up a room?

Due to the speed and efficiency of infrared heating a room can be comfortably heated from 10c to 22C within 15-20 minutes of being turned on when the system is properly designed!

Are there any annual repair costs?

Our Heaters have no annual running repair costs or required annual maintenance. If the heating elements are damaged for any reason, repair is easy and efficient. Additionally, we offer a 10 year warranty for our products!

What is the annual energy consumption?

Thanks to a combination of being installed close to the surface of the room where the heat is needed, high efficiency of the heating elements themselves, and heating primarily through infrared heating. Our Systems can save up to 33% energy when compared to convective heating solutions such as Air Source Heat Pumps and traditional underfloor heating. However, specific consumption will depend on a case by case basis. For some examples feel free to reach out to us!

What advantages does your heating solution have versus A/C?

Although A/C has both heating and cooling options, the heating is notoriously viewed as uncomfortable. Our heating solution thanks to radiative heating leads to a significantly more comfortable heating sensation. Also, whereas A/C requires repair work every couple of years adding on to its cost, our heating film is maintenance free meaning the cost you pay at the start is all there is. Our film also uses less energy than A/C saving you on average up to 25% more energy, all while having a much lower up front cost! Lastly, through radiative heating we create heat reservoirs in the heated space, reducing heat loss when windows/doors are opened and saving energy in the process.

How does a rooms height impact the heating effect?

Residential infrared wall/ceiling systems are ideal for rooms with heights not exceeding 3.5M. For rooms exceeding that height it’s required to increase the installed wattage. The other option in this scenario is to install a radiant floor system.


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