Top of the Line

Radiant Comfort Heat


PowerBoard™️ is the first plug and play radiative heating sandwich panel. Designed to easily replace standard gypsum panels in standard and suspended ceilings delivering a warm radiative heating effect in little to no time.

High Matrix Flexibility


Our low voltage residential heating film, easily integrated into walls, ceiling, and flooring generating a comfortable radiant heating effect.

Flexible Like A Textile


ComfortFlex™️ can be combined with any woven or non-woven textile and will generate healthy warmth at almost 100 % efficiency. Ideal for heated seats, work and leisure clothing, medical and heated blankets or mattresses etc.

The Ice Preventer!


PowerMelt™️ is perfectly suited for outdoor applications where an efficient and fast prevention of ice build-up on walkways, roofs, roads, bridges, drive-ways is required.