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As winter brings the cold, browse our top-of-the-range eco-friendly products, designed to radiate warmth and bring cozy comfort to your room or space.

Our models are tailor-made to suit the needs of different people and their homes. We offer a variety of options for any project, including our PowerBoard™ indoor infrared heaters, and outdoor heaters like PowerMelt™.

Alongside the heaters, we also provide a range of accessories that can significantly enhance your heating solutions. Our business is dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses with tailored solutions, providing a quality product that keeps everyone warm and comfortable, irrespective of the weather.

Feel free to contact us for expert advice or help, our team of qualified experts brings years of expertise to offer maintenance advice, provide a hassle-free buying experience and keep your systems running proficiently.

We will gladly explain to you how our heaters and heating solutions work, what results to expect, and how to install the PowerBoard infrared heater. For more detailed information or a personalised service, please schedule a call below. You can also request an estimate or a quote for any of our products or services.

The Ultimate Infrared Heating solution


Welcome to the world of cutting-edge Infrared Home Heating, a game-changer in today’s industry. Experience the radiant warmth that our Powerboard provides.

The most comfortable, energy-efficient, and easiest to install plug-and-play indoor infrared heating system on the market, perfect for ensuring your room maintains a cosy temperature throughout the cold, winter months.

Whether in residential homes or commercial settings, our heaters are easily integrated into suspended ceilings with their sleek panel design.

Saving you time on your installation, lowering your energy bills, and guaranteeing you a warm, comfortable space when you need it!

Low Voltage Infrared Comfort Heating Solution


Our low voltage residential heating film is designed to be incorporated just 2-5mm from the ceiling/wall/floor surface where it is installed, allowing it to quickly and safely deliver comfort heat where it is needed. These heating films are versatile heating options for all areas.

Flexible Like A Textile


ComfortFlex™️ can be combined with any woven or non-woven textile and will generate healthy warmth at almost 100% efficiency. Ideal for heated seats, work and leisure clothing, medical and heated blankets or mattresses etc.

The Ice Preventer


Thanks to our Safetech technology, we are able to provide the most robust and easily integrated de-icing film on the market. Suited for outdoor applications such as bridges, walkways, car decks, and much more to manage the cold winter.

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