Can Infrared Heating Systems Help You Reduce Your Energy Bill?

In an era of rising energy costs and increasing environmental awareness, homeowners are seeking energy-efficient heating solutions that not only provide warmth but also contribute to lower utility bills. Infrared heating, with its innovative technology and focused heating approach, has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of energy-efficient heating solutions. One such exemplary product is PowerBoard, a revolutionary infrared panel heating system easily incorporated into a suspended ceiling that can help you save significantly on your energy bills. But how?

The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System Heats Surfaces Instead Of The Air

Unlike traditional heating systems that heat the air in the entire room, infrared heating focuses on heating objects and surfaces directly. PowerBoard’s advanced infrared technology emits radiant heat that warms up the objects and people in its path, providing quick and efficient heating directly where it is needed instead of directly heating the air which in turn first needs to circulate around the space heating up surfaces until a comfortable temperature is reached. Practically this also means that infrared heating systems can be set at 1-2 degrees lower than convective heating systems in turn reducing energy consumption!

The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System Heats Quickly!

Thanks to being installed 2-3mm from the surface of the ceiling PowerBoard’s infrared heating technology delivers immediate warmth, which means there’s no need to leave the heating system on for extended periods. With its rapid heating capabilities, you can quickly achieve your desired room comfort level at which point the system will only be on 1/3-1.5th of the time leading to even more energy savings!.

The PowerBoard Heating System Is Ideal For Zoned Heating

In contrast with heating systems like underfloor heating which need to be nearly constantly on to get the right heating effect, infrared heating systems such as PowerBoard allow for very easy zoned heating, meaning you can selectively heat specific areas of your home. By targeting heating only where it’s currently needed, you avoid wasting energy on unoccupied spaces, maximizing your energy efficiency, reducing your energy bills and increasing comfort!

The PowerBoard Infrared Heating System Is Highly Efficient!

Unlike forced-air systems that experience heat loss through ducts and vents, infrared heating systems such as The PowerBoard Heating System are installed a couple of mm from where they are needed ensuring minimal heat loss through the transport of heat. This along side the fact that The PowerBoard System utilizes our full surface heating element which has close to 100% electricity-heat conversion efficiency and includes insulation on the back side means that with The PowerBoard Heating System you are heating directly where you need it with minimal waste! Additionally, the infrared radiant heat emitted by PowerBoard doesn’t rely on air circulation, resulting in a more efficient and effective heating process than solutions such as A/C and underfloor heating.

So Do Infrared Heating Systems Like PowerBoard Help You Reduce Your Energy Bill?

    The answer, of course, is yes! Infrared heating solutions, such as PowerBoard, represent a cutting-edge approach to home heating that maximizes energy efficiency while delivering optimal comfort. With targeted heating, rapid warm-up times, zone heating capabilities, and minimal heat loss, PowerBoard empowers homeowners to enjoy substantial savings on their energy bills. Our customers often see savings of at least 30% when compared with underfloor or a/c heating solutions, making PowerBoard one of the most cost-effective heaters available. By investing in an infrared heating solution like PowerBoard, you not only contribute to a greener environment but also unlock the potential for long-term savings on your energy expenses. Experience the future of efficient heating with PowerBoard and embrace a more economical and eco-friendly way to stay warm and comfortable throughout the seasons. If you would like to know more about The PowerBoard Heating Solution, feel free to get in touch, and one of our Infrared Heating experts will do their best to support you, or watch the below short animated video that introduces The PowerBoard Heating System!